Support for Scholars

Research and Sponsored Programs is commited to enhancing the research productivity of the University, increasing grant funding, facilitating technology commercialization, coordinating outreach, nurturing economic development, and celebrating the achievements of faculty, staff, and student scholars.


I-Grants (or intramural/internal grants) include funding sources from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of Wisconsin System, University of Wisconsin-Extension, and other affiliated UW institutions.  Access information on I-Grants that fund research and scholarly activity; program/curriculum and/or professional development; outreach, and student scholarly activity (undergraduate and graduate research). 


E-Grants (or extramural/external grants) include funding sources external to the University of Wisconsin, such as federal, state, and local governments; private foundations; and corporate sponsors.  Research and Sponsored Programs supports grant seeking leading to grants, contracts, and/or fellowships.  Access information about funding opportunities, popular programs, grant writing resources , forms, policies, events, upcoming deadlines, and “hot topics.” 



Today’s researchers must comply with a variety of federal, state, and campus regulations governing research with human subjects/animals, conflict of interest, and responsible conduct of research.  Research and Sponsored Programs manages a range of compliance programs and provides support/services to facilitate compliance. Access compliance information including common agency/campus forms and policies, compliance events, compliance deadlines, and “hot topics.”

Outside Activities Reporting


Outside Activities Report Form, Guidelines, and Federal Financial Disclosure Form for CY 2014 



Chapter UWS 8 (Ethics Code for Unclassified Staff)

Regent Policy Document (RPD) 13-4

Chapter ER-MRS 24 (Ethics Code for Classified Staff)

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Innovative ideas lead to innovative outcomes.  Research and Sponsored Programs serves as a resource for faculty and staff; businesses and entrepreneurs; and individuals engaged in economic development activities across the region.  Explore how this Office can encourage and support innovation, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, and private-public partnerships.  Access information designed for campus faculty, staff, and students as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs; outreach deadlines and events, the Innovation Center, the Whitewater Incubation Program, policies and procedures, and innovation “hot topics.”