The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is pleased to offer an enhanced calendar function that allows users to view all ORSP-related deadlines, meetings, and events, as well as sort by core ORSP service area: Compliance, E-Grants, I-Grants, and Innovation.  To sort by category, select the appropriate category from the drop-down menu.  Deadlines, meetings, and events are also color-coded: yellow for Compliance; green for E-Grants; blue for I-Grants; and purple for Innovation.  Items marked with an "!" indicate grant program deadlines.

Additionally, users may alter views between a week and a month.  In order to change views, click on the calendar icons on the right of the screen under the “Calendar of Events” header.

Finally, users may add a deadline, meeting, or event into their own Outlook calendar from the ORSP calendar.  In order to add an item to a user’s own calendar, click on a deadline, meeting, or event.  Once inside the deadline, meeting, or event details, scroll to the bottom of the description.  Click on the ‘iCal” icon; this will generate an Outlook calendar item based on the information contained in the ORSP calendar.  Users will have the option to edit the appointment within their calendar to accommodate personal calendar preferences.