Growth Agenda for Wisconsin

Program Information

The University of Wisconsin System seeks proposals for projects that advance one or more of the three Strategic Goals of the Growth Agenda and model Inclusive Excellence.  Funding will be used to support two broad categories of initiatives: Institutional Change Grants [ICG] and Conference and Professional Development Grants [CPDG].

It is anticipated that the funding level for projects in the ICG category will be significant and the associated strategies and actions will be innovative, result in substantive programmatic and/or institution-wide change (single or multiple institutions), and have the potential for broad impact and systemic transformation.  Proposals requesting funding for the implementation of new projects, as well as those that seek support for significant enhancements to existing initiatives, will be considered.  Planning grants leading to larger ICG proposals will also be considered. 

It is anticipated that funding for proposals within the CPDG category will be aligned with costs needed to support a national, regional, state-wide meeting or conference that will focus on topics that are aligned with the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin and of critical importance to UW institutions.  Proposals may cover a one-time only or recurring conference or professional development offering. Restrictions do apply:  funding is not available to send faculty/staff to attend professional development or disciplinary conferences outside UW System.  Funding is also not available to cover lodging and travel for faculty and staff attending CPDG-sponsored events. 

NOTE: UW System attempted to clarify the program's review rubric.  The revised guidelines were posted on 11 December 2013.  

Pre-Proposal Question and Answer Sessions

In an effort to assist faculty and staff in preparing pre-proposals, staff from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will host Question and Answer sessions on:

  • Wednesday 13 November 2013, from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm; and
  • Tuesday 26 November 2013, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.   

These sessions will allow faculty and staff an opportunity to ask questions related to the program and brain storm potential ideas under the Institutional Change Grant category.  All sessions will be held in Room 261 of the University Center.  Individuals interested in attending the session(s) should RSVP in advance of the session to ensure sufficient space remains available.  RSVPs may be sent to Laurie Taylor via e-mail ( or phone (x5289). 

Deadline and Submission Information

Proposal Deadline: TBA FOR 2014-2015

NOTE: This program is closed and NOT soliciting applications. Applicants may contact Laurie Taylor (, x5289) to be added to our Request Log to receive the new Request for Proposals [RFP] if/when it is released. Applicants should not develop an application based on the RFP posted on this page—it is provided for informational/historical purposes only. 

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will select its two Institutional Change Grant submissions through a pre-proposal process.  Applicants must submit a pre-proposal by the deadline above via e-mail to Laurie Taylor, Director of Research and Sponsored Programs (, x5289).  Pre-proposal submissions must include:

  1. A list of UW-Whitewater personnel involved in the project, including the Project Director/Primary Contact;
  2. A brief description of the proposed project (two or three sentences), including how the proposed project furthers the goals and objectives of the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin Grant Program; and
  3. A list of proposed partners, if applicable.  

Applicants that do not submit a pre-proposal will not be permitted to submit a full proposal.  It is anticipated that the final two Institutional Change Grant selections will be made and applicants notified in December 2013. 

Collaborative proposals between or among University of Wisconsin institutions will NOT count towards the two proposal limit under the Institutional Change category.  Although collaborative proposals between UW System schools under the Institutional Change Grant category do not count towards the two proposal limit for each institution, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs requests that those individuals pursuing a collaborative submission submit a pre-proposal to allow our institution to better plan for all submissions and ensure none are duplicative.

There is no limit on proposals in the Conference and Professional Development Grant category, and as a result, pre-proposals under this category are not required.  

Each proposal must be signed off by the Provost and the Grants Officer.  ORSP will coordinate internal review / certification and communicate approval to the sponsor.