UW System Grants


The Applied Research Grant [ARG], Applied Research-WiSys Technology Advancement Grant [AR-WiTAG], and Prototype Development Fund Programs support projects that promote technology transfer and economic development throughout Wisconsin. Prototype Development proposals may be submitted anytime. ARG and AR-WiTAG applications have annual deadlines.

OPID Teaching & Learning Grant (CLOSED)

The Office of Professional and Instructional Development [OPID] seeks proposals in three categories: (1) requests for funds for local, regional, and system-wide workshops, seminars, or conferences that bring UW System faculty/staff together to work on undergraduate education initiatives, (2) research projects that focus on the assessment of undergraduate learning outcomes and quality teaching practices, and (3) proposals for funds to create Institutional Teaching and Learning Programs/Centers.

Regent Scholar Grant Program (CLOSED)

The Regent Scholar grant program is designed to stimulate faculty-student collaborative research at all UW System campuses. Through a highly competitive process, Regent Scholar grants are awarded to faculty or campus programs that undertake innovative undergraduate research projects with the potential to lead to job creation, economic development, and foster entrepreneurship.

UG Research & Discovery Grant (CLOSED)

The Undergraduate Research and Discovery Grant program is designed to foster important undergraduate research and discovery leading to innovations generated on campus. Capacity-building grants of up to $50,000 will be awarded to each four-year UW institution to support and sustain highly effective undergraduate research environments and activities. The UW-Whitewater focus area chosen for this year’s Undergraduate Research and Discovery Grant is community-based research.


Groundwater Research

The University of Wisconsin System and State of Wisconsin seeks proposals for research and monitoring projects associated with groundwater, pesticides, and/or on-site wastewater treatment systems. Proposals are due 14 November 2013.

Growth Agenda for Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin System seeks proposals for projects that advance one or more of the three Strategic Goals of the Growth Agenda and model Inclusive Excellence. Funding will be used to support two broad categories of initiatives: Institutional Change Grants and Conference and Professional Development Grants. Pre-proposals are due 6 December 2013; full proposals are due 31 January 2014.

Incentive Grant Program

The UW System is soliciting proposals to support projects focused on economic development, the development of a skilled workforce, and improve the affordability of postsecondary education. Proposals are due by 12 pm on 14 October 2013.

Sea Grant Program

The University of Wisconsin seeks proposals for the Sea Grant Aquaculture Program, which supports projects to develop environmentally and economically sustainable ocean, coastal, or Great Lakes aquaculture. Full proposals are due 21 April 2014; applicants must have submitted a pre-proposal in order to submit a full proposal.

Solid Waste Research (Currently Suspended)

Proposals are sought for research into alternative methods of solid waste disposal, including the reduction of the amount of solid waste generated, the reuse and recycling of materials, composting, source separation, and the disposal of household hazardous waste. Proposals are due 5 February 2014.

Student Solid Waste Research (Currently Suspended)

The University of Wisconsin System seeks proposals for research that has the potential of improving or expanding projects related to solid waste issues in Wisconsin including the reuse and recycling of materials; composting; source separation; and household hazardous waste disposal. Proposals are due 14 March 2014.

WITQ Program

The Wisconsin Improving Teacher Quality Program (WITQ) seeks proposals aimed at increasing student achievement in the English language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, social studies, art and design, dance, music, and theatre, by improving the teaching and principal quality at the K-12 level in Wisconsin's public and private schools. Pre-proposals are due 9 July 2014; full proposals are due 28 August 2014.


See the UW System Program Page for the contacts for each individual grant opportunity. Laurie Taylor, ORSP Director, can also answer general questions and connect you with the appropriate staff member.

Laurie Taylor, Director

Chris Greenwood, Technical Support