Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium

Program Information




The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium [WSGC] seeks proposals for a variety of grant opportunities, including the Aerospace Outreach, Higher Education Incentives, Research Infrastructure, and Special Initiatives Programs.  WSGC also seeks proposals from undergraduate and graduate students through the Graduate Fellowship, Undergraduate Research, and Undergraduate Scholarship Programs.

WSGC supports many projects that encourage faculty and staff research, outreach, and educational activities:

  • The Aerospace Outreach Program supports new or ongoing projects that increase the level of exposure and interest to K-12 teachers, students, and general public in space, aerospace, and space-related science.
  • The Higher Education Incentives Program supports projects for value-added, higher education teaching/training initiatives related to any space or aerospace discipline. 
  • The Research Infrastructure Program is designed to provide support to faculty and research to initiate a new research program in space science, aerospace, and space-related research infrastructure. 
  • The Research Seed Program is designed to provide support to faculty and research staff from the WSGC universities and colleges seeking to initiate a new space-related research program by providing stipends for students to participate in projects.
  • The Special Initiatives Program supports new or ongoing projects which involve space or aerospace-related content and are intended to attract or retain underrepresented groups, especially women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. 

WSGC also supports undergraduate and graduate student research, fellowships, and scholarships:

  • The Graduate Fellowship Program supports outstanding students pursuing aerospace, space science, or other space-related graduate independent research or design. 
  • The Undergraduate Research Program supports qualified undergraduate students in the creation of a small research study of their own design that is directly related to their interests and career objectives in space science, aerospace, or space-related studies. 
  • The Undergraduate Scholarship Program supports outstanding undergraduate students pursuing aerospace, space science, or other space-related studies or research.  

WSGC also provides two internship opportunities for students: the High Altitude Balloon Payload Internship and the High Altitude Balloon Launch Internship.   Students may apply directly to the WSGC to participate in these programs; students receive stipends of $4,000 for participation in the program. Applications are due by 27 January 2014. 

All proposals must align with the goals and objectives of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.  Additionally, by NASA requirement, every proposal funded through the WSGC must clearly demonstrate how its activities align with the goals of one or more NASA Directorates and/or Centers.  Partnering with NASA Centers, where appropriate, is also strongly encouraged.

WSGC is encouraging applications across a number of disciplines, including space sciences, aerospace technology, earth and atmospheric sciences, astronautics, geography, physics, geographical information systems, information technology, mathematical sciences, computer sciences, nanotechnology, biology, astronomy, and engineering, as well as any STEM-based education initiatives.  All projects must connect to a space-related field or activities conducted by NASA. 

The Graduate Research, Undergraduate Research, and Undergraduate Scholarship programs invite applications from a variety of disciplines.  The Consortium especially encourages applications from members of minority groups, women, and persons with disabilities, and from those pursuing interdisciplinary aerospace studies in, but not limited to, engineering, the sciences, architecture, law, business, nursing and medicine.  Award winners will be chosen based on academic performance, space-related promise, and the application.

Faculty and staff applicants to WSGC Programs are encouraged to coordinate proposal development with the UW-Whitewater WSGC Advisory Board Representative Rex Hanger (hangerr@uww.edu, x5258). 

Deadline and Submission Information

Program Deadline: TBA FOR 2014-2015 

NOTE: This program is closed and NOT soliciting applications. Applicants may contact Laurie Taylor (taylorl@uww.edu, x5289) to be added to our Request Log to receive the new Request for Proposals [RFP] if/when it is released. Applicants should not develop an application based on the RFP posted on this page—it is provided for informational/historical purposes only.

WSGC requires a minimum 1:1 match for Aerospace Outreach, Higher Education Incentives, and Research Infrastructure proposals.  WSGC also requires a 25% to 50% match for Special Initiatives proposals.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, which will provide assistance in budget development.

Undergraduate and graduate students are required to submit their research and/or scholarship applications to the UW-Whitewater WSGC Advisory Board Representative Rex Hanger (hangerr@uww.edu, x5258) prior to submission to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Faculty and staff applying to WSGC programs must submit their proposal to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to confirm the required level of match and to load the proposal to the sponsor's online proposal submission system.