Pre-Proposal Contact

A valuable way to obtain information to help guide the proposal writing process. Work with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to contact:

  • The Program Officer to obtain past award recipients and reviewers in addition to details of desired outcomes and requesting the reviewer's evaluation form.
  • Past Grant Winners to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their proposal as well as any possible suggestions.
  • Past Reviewers to get insight into what proposal characteristics the sponsor places emphasis upon as well as common mistakes.

Setting Objectives for Your Proposal

Effectively wording your proposal's objective greatly increases the chances of success. Proposal objectives are S-I-M-P-L-E: Specific, Immediate, Measurable, Practical, Logical, and Evaluable.

Choosing Partners and Sub-grantees

A partner or sub-grantee "uses the federal funds to implement a program;" to select one, the following checklist should be considered:

  • A reciprocity and codependence for the success of the project should exist;
  • Appropriate selection may include their qualifications, talents, established program relationships, requirements of the RFP being submitted, offers of funds through in-kind, cash, or leveraged funds;
  • All partners or sub-grantees should provide a letter of collaboration clearly stating their roles; and
  • Each should have a distinct role in the program and should be relevant to the project.
Other Grant Writing Resources
Contacts / Support

Research and Sponsored Programs staff can provide grant writing support (see contacts below).  The Office also maintains a directory of consultants and experienced faculty/staff grant writers who can provide mentoring and/or editing support.

Laurie Taylor, Director

Chris Greenwood, Technical Support